Empowerment Collaboration


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The Empowerment Circle with Dr. Angie is a covenant relationship that operates with Dr. Angela Corprew Boyd leading the ministry and is joined by other like-minded women who have been personally invited.




  • Developing leadership abilities through classes, training, seminars and conferences

  • Developing spiritual knowledge through conference calls, Zooms, Bible study and other ministry leaders’ platforms

  • Providing wisdom and insight for challenges faced in ministry, marriage and/or singleness and the marketplace

  • Praying for the ministry leader, her family, and ministry to hear from God and walk obediently in her God-called purpose

  • Recommendation and referrals for ministry logo, signage, copyright, and legalities for ministry and business

  • Holding the ministry leader accountable for high moral character and integrity by personally engaging in leader’s life

  • Resources for effective budgeting and obtaining a 501(c)(3)

  • Executing excellence in ministry and the marketplace