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Don't Curse Your Crisis
Book Summary
Why does this have to continue to happen to me? Have you ever pondered this question? It is crisis after crisis after crisis! Will you ever get a break? Because you have endured so many disappointments, you expect defeat, disdain, and despair when the next crisis comes. What if it has come to dispel your belief of defeat and discouragement? What if it has come to bless you, and the only way you will see the manifestation of the blessing is if you go through the process until the end?

The narratives in this book are a compilation of crises that empowered the writers to change the trajectory of their destinies. Once each writer embraced their crisis, they accepted the process that would propel them to their purposes. Do not quit because of the discomfort of the crisis. Do not abort what is about to be the blessing you have been praying for to God. This crisis has not come to eliminate you, but it has come to elevate you. Do not be discouraged or deterred by the process. This crisis is your level-up!



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Do you long to rid yourself of wounds that come from “church hurt”?

Church hurt is a very difficult topic to discuss, especially when you have experienced it. Many people—Christians in general—do not like to admit that someone could be hurt or wounded instead of helped in the church. The purpose of this book is to allow the wounded to recognize they are not alone. It will provide saints with wisdom and knowledge to reach out to Christ to be delivered from paralyzing wounds that cause bitterness and resentment. After internalizing this powerful message from God, they will know how to embrace each other in love and develop into the talented, anointed men or women who have been called by God.

Author Dr. Angela L. Corprew-Boyd gives believers and non-believers hope for the future in spite of wounds that have been festering for years. If you really want to be healed, delivered, and set free from your wounds, then follow the precepts of this word from God. Throughout the pages of this book, Dr. Corprew-Boyd emphasizes and reemphasizes the importance of acknowledging your wounds, then releasing the bitterness and resentments that you have been harboring. Try forgiving! That alone will empower you to move forward and leave the past behind.


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ENDORSEMENTS for the book

It gives me great pleasure to endorse Dr. Angie L. Corprew-Boyd’s newest book. Dr. Boyd explores a topic of great concern to the body of Christ. This book is sure to propel the body of Christ to begin a thought-provoking, heartfelt dialogue about the emotional aspects of working within ministry and stewarding relationships. The message will release untold levels of pain that have been bottled up for generations in the church.
Dr. K.W. Brown
Presiding Prelate
The Mount Global Fellowship of Churches

In my travels as a minister and teacher of God's Word, I meet so many people at home and abroad that fit the following description: "I love God, but hate Church!" There is a reason for this new growing population in God's kingdom. The reason is church hurt-- wounds received in and at the church! Dr. Corprew-Boyd has been assigned by God to masterfully address this sensitive, unique and surely necessary issue in the body of Christ. Are you wounded? Read it! Have you wounded someone? Read it! You cannot remain the same. Dr. Angela uses her skill as a writer to bring information, hope, and healing. Thank you for living it, writing it, and making it available.
Dr. Wanda A. Davis-Turner
Preacher, Teacher, and Author

If you haven’t experienced church hurt, keep going to church! If you need to be free from church folk, read this book.
Aretha Olivarez
National Speaker, Nonprofit Consultant, Author, and Entrepreneur


Preparation For The Ultimate Purpose:
If I Perish, Let Me Perish, But I'M NEXT
". . . AND IF I PERISH, I PERISH." Esther 4:16, NIV

Where would you be without Esther? If you ponder that question, you will come to the conclusion that God chose Esther to help women today realize the importance of their purpose and position for "such a time as this!" Esther went against political power, tradition, familiarity, and fear to save a nation. If she had not gone to see the King, would the Jews have been destroyed? Would the Son of God have come? "For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father's house will perish. Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?" Thank God for Esther recognizing not only her purpose but the POWER of her position. Have you recognized yours?

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There are no refunds on educational coaching and other services. All sales are final.

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ENDORSEMENTS for the book

"Women...are you seeking God for purpose, promise and destiny? Then this book is a must. From chapter to chapter, you will glean vital principles to prepare you for your destiny - that one thing in life only you can do. That one thing in life that only you are born to do...destiny! The story of Vashti and Esther take on new meaning in this anointed work."
Dr. Wanda A. Turner-author, teacher, preacher
Inglewood, CA

". . . I'm Next! is a unique, refreshing approach to the study of Esther. Written in a practical manner, Dr. Boyd guides you through the process of what matters most. If you long to know who you really are inside with a confidence that transcends any title bestowed upon you or that means more than your present condition of existence, then read on and prepare to have your hope restored that you have a unique destiny waiting to be fulfilled."
Rev. Dr. William D. Tyree, III
Pastor of First Baptist Church, Berkley
Norfolk, VA

"I was anxious to see what would happen in the next chapter. It was as if I was playing the role of Esther in my mind - maybe because I had been in the 'if I perish' position before. This book gives women the courage to step up, and step out. Thank you for being in the birthing room with us."
Aretha Janine Olivarez- author
Orlando, Florida